Friday, July 12, 2013

Card of the Day - 2007 Upper Deck Black : Andy LaRoche Pride of a Nation Autograph ( 64 / 99 )

Sometimes you know you are overpaying for a card and regret it and then there are time you are overpaying and are 100% OK with it. Thankfully this is the latter rather than the former.

Andy LaRoche did not amount to much as a Dodger and only just recently got called back up to the majors by the Blue Jays. That said he is a former Dodger who wore the blue. I haven't  and don't specifically look for Andy cards but this one came up on one of my searches and caught my eye. Always love autographs and won't turn them down but what drew me was the USA flag. I am a proud American and this card shows of our nation's colors encased in thick black cardboard. Dodger plus USA equals a win in my book.

The seller had this card at $8 in auction style on eBay. For an Andy card that is overpriced but I still wanted it because of the other factors. Didn't expect nor was there any action on the auction. I waited til the last minute and put my bid in and unsurprisingly won the card. I just purposely bought an $8 LaRoche card and I'm OK with that. Looks great in the collection and happy that I acquired the card.

USA, USA, USA. 64 of only 99

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