Friday, July 19, 2013

Card of the Day - 2007 USA Baseball : Tim Federowicz Autograph ( 24 / 100 )

Now this is a rare card in my collection as for most categories I require the card to have this one does not fit. No blue ink, no Dodger uniform, no mainstream card brand. That is a lot of to look past but on this one I did.

Tim as far as I know does not have an autograph card in Dodger colors. I have seen Red Sox but no way in hell am I getting that. So I just content on just waiting til some company released one. But I stumbled across this card and I wanted it. Baseball is king but being a proud American is top dog. Tim is sporting our countries colors and that is enough for me. USA cards can join my collection next to my Dodger cards any day of the week and with Tim being a Dodger now I wanted to acquire this card. The signature is also in red ink which I don't do as well but considering there is a lot of red already on the card it blends nicely.

Book value is set at $12 but I think in the real world that is tad high for Tim. Even so I still set my eyes on the auction but was not going to over bid. In the end I won the auction for half of book. Happy to add this to my collection and until there is a Dodger card this great looking USA card will hold a place for that future incoming card.

Red, White and Blue 24 / 100

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