Monday, July 29, 2013

Card of the Day - 2006 SPx : Takashi Saito Autograph ( 610 / 999 )

Man, do we need a stable closer and hopefully Kenley Jansen can be that man for an extended amount of time. Brandon League should never sniff the ninth again unless it is for mop duty even though he has been doing better of late. But not just a few years ago we had this man, Mr. Saito, take over for Eric Gagne and others to become a very dependable closer. I always thought he was underrated when he was on our team. He always seemed to enjoy his time in Los Angeles.

So obviously I needed to add an autograph card to my collection of him but there are not many cards to chose from and those that are out there seem to always go higher than I wanted to pay. Found this nice RC and hoped I could finally win a card depicting his Hancock and with my lucky bid of $7 at the end of the auction I won this beauty. Proud to finally own a Saito card. Arrived in great condition and sits nicely within the box.

610 / 999 of Mr. Saito

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