Monday, July 15, 2013

Card of the Day - 2013 Bowman : Joc Pederson Top 100 Die Cut Variant ( 94 / 99 )

Now that I got my Puig and Ryu die cut variants of this insert set in this year's Bowman set I can concentrate on getting the other ones to complete the Dodger set.

There are two left to get and I haven't seen many Seager cards up for purchase but Joc has been around here and there but I hadn't been able to get my hands on it due to the high closing cost on the auctions. Found this auction ending at an odd time on an odd day with little action going on. Book value has this card at $12 so if I can acquire any card at no more than 50% then that is a win in my book. On this card I got close to that. Ended up winning the card at $6.50. So a little more than 50% but I was able to get one card closer to finishing the set. Now that I have the die cut I can now work on the regular non die cut. For some reason I never purchased that one as of yet. Need to fix that.

Another nice limited refractor. 94 / 99

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