Sunday, July 14, 2013

Card of the Day - 2013 Topps Archives : Davey Lopes Autograph

Current coach and former All Star Dodger player Davey Lopes has an autographed card in this years Archives set and surprisingly it was going for over $15 right out the box. Way too much in my eyes for good old Davey even though I did not have an on card autograph of him yet. Waited for the prices to drop to a decent amount before pulling the trigger and finally found this copy on eBay. Buyer had a low starting price and in the end won the card for a little over $7. That to me is a tad more reasonable for Davey. Nice crisp blue autograph on a photo of back in his playing days is now part of my collection. Welcome back home.

Dig the Stache.


  1. I like this card a lot. great pick up and yes, that 'stache is awesome!

  2. Ty and they dont do 'stache's like they used to do they?