Monday, July 1, 2013

Card of the Day - 2012-13 Panini : Dustin Brown Fabric of the Game Autograph ( 15 / 50 )

Man, I don't know what I was thinking. While concentrating on my Dodger habit and acquiring all cards Dodger I totally forgot about my other main team. The Los Angeles Kings. The 2011-2012 Stanley Cup Champions. Hell, my first entry into this blog was about me and meeting Stanley.

Well I had to fix that problem but unlike the Dodger part of my collection I won't be collecting all King cards that are available. I will be only on the look out for any player that played on the team during their championship run. If they wore the King sweater then I want their autograph on card. Doesn't matter what year it comes from or if they are no longer on the team but it does have to show them in King colors. That will be the problem. I know not all of them have on card autographs so I will have to be patient on finishing the "set" but no time like now to start. Went on eBay to see what is out there and my first hit happened to be the captain, Dustin Brown.

I didn't have access to a price guide during my initial search for King cards so I just had to go with my gut and see what was out there and what people were asking for. Came across this card with a nice crisp blue autograph and some sweater fabric to boot. Most of Dustin's autographed fabric cards it seemed went for at least $14-15 so that was my benchmark. Auction was ending and it sat at just $7 so I thought I had a chance and put my bid in and won the card at nice even number of $11. I still don't know what book is for this card but for me that amount is fair enough and that is all that matters. So I have now added my first Los Angeles King's autograph card and have multiple more to go but we all have to start somewhere. Go Kings Go !!!

The Captain. 15 / 50

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