Friday, September 6, 2013

Card of the Day - 1997 Donruss : Paul Konerko Autograph

Before there was Puig 66 there was Konerko 66. You don't see many players sporting that number and I know Konerko didn't at the big league level but this card has him in that uniform number which I assume was during spring training.

Paul barely played for the Dodgers as acting GM Tommy Lasorda shipped him out in 1998 in an ill conceived trade. Paul like Adrian Beltre is another what could have been for the Dodgers. Not saying they would have produced as they have after they left the Dodgers but Paul might hit 500 home runs with 2500 hits and that will probably earn him a place in the hall. Until we acquired Adrian Gonzalez last year the Dodgers have basically been floundering at first base and could have used Paul during the 2000 decade. It is what it is.

Wanted to get Paul's autograph on card but there are not many cards showing Paul in Dodger blue. Finally found one that didn't have a high by it now and actually was a traditional auction. After all was said and done I won the card for a little less than $7. Nice pickup of a former Dodger and probable hall of famer.

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