Friday, September 27, 2013

Card of the Day - *** UPDATE *** - 2013 Bowman Inception : Yasiel Puig Silver Signing Autograph ( 25 / 25 )

The journey to acquire an on card, no sticker autograph of Dodger outfielder Yasiel Puig has finally ended with the official arrival of this card.

It took over 3 months to get this card and in the end if only cost me $10 out of pocket to get it. WHAT??? Yes, $10.

I original bought a Bowman Top 100 insert die cut variant card back in June seen HERE when I had spare inventory to sell that ended up netting me $140 and with Yasiel's card costing me $150 there was the difference of the $10. I bought the card with every intention to have it graded by BGS and hope to get a Gem Mint grade which I thought it would. Turned it in and it did. Got the card back at about the same time the Bowman Inception set came out and thought what if I could flip it to get an autograph card instead of the die cut. So with the BGS card in hand as seen HERE I put it up on eBay thinking I could get at least $400 for it. Not a bad profit margin considering the initial $10 investment. I had my eye on a Silver Signings card of Yasiel. I am not a fan of the regular set of Inception but the limited number of Silver Signings with it's different picture from the regular set was the draw for me. Only 25 of the Silver Signings are in existence and I knew I had to get my hands on one. I ended up selling my Top 100 BGS card for $400 and then went and acquired the Silver Signings card seen HERE for a tad over $400. But with an additional card included it negated the difference in price between the two cards. Book value for the redemption card is/was $600 so it was a great deal all together.

Received the redemption card and turned in the code to acquire the real card and after a very impatient month or so of waiting for the card it finally arrived yesterday and man does it look good. I ended up getting the "last" one sequence-wise with it being numbered 25 of 25. Tomorrow I am turning it in to BGS to get it graded as I think and hope it will grade high and I am knocking on wood as I type that.

So in the end this 3 month journey to acquire an on card Yasiel autograph only cost me $10 and a lot of patience and with it now in hand it sure has paid off. This probably won't be the highest priced or sought after autograph of Puig but at the moment it is the best looking in my opinion and one of the most limited.

My first year back in the hobby after years away has been a success with this being one of the best of bunch that I have acquired.

Better picture than base set version.

25 of 25. Last in the limited run.

Silver autograph on dark background. The best.

Why thank you Topps.