Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day : Jay Johnstone ( ROMLB Sweet Spot , Signed Book , Signed Photo )

When the wife and I attended Sunday's Quake's game as seen HERE it was announced that Jay was on hand in the cafe area signing for fans. I have always missed him at Frank and Sons and various other outlets so it was a pleasant surprise for me that he was there so I could finally add his autograph to my collection. Once we were walking towards the area I thought that he probably will be selling his book as well and I was right when we arrived as he had a box full of them.

Got to the table and as he was signing a ball for me (free) I read the piece of paper that was describing where the money he was charging for his book went to. The book was only $20 and I wanted to buy it anyways but knowing it went to a good military cause of past veterans of war that fought for our country and freedom made it all the better. Gladly paid the amount and I asked for a picture with him which he obliged. Also included with the book was an autographed photo.

Had a great time at the Quakes game and having acquired multiple signatures of Corey and an autograph of former Dodger Jay made it better.

Jay and I

Signed ball. Hard to decipher

Signed book with a better looking signature

Throw in autographed photo

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