Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Card of the Day - 2011 Finest : Jerry Sands X-Fractor Refractor Autograph ( 229 / 299 )

With the refractor version in my collection I was still on the lookout for the other versions for me to acquire and on the same day I was able to purchase a couple more with this one being the first to arrive to me.

I have never been a X-Fractor fan as I don't like all the little sparkly squares but if I am to have a complete collection I need this one as well. Most of these versions have been closing at over $10 and I didn't feel that was a good deal for me. Refreshing through eBay this one popped up and the seller had it for sale for $6 delivered. At only $2 more than the refractor I didn't hesitate and picked it up. I now have two versions of the 2011 Finest set with my eyes set on some more color.

Sparkly squares 229 of 299.

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