Sunday, September 15, 2013

Card of the Day - 2013 Bowman Inception : Hyun-Jin Ryu Blue Variant Autograph ( ?? / 75 ) . . . Techinically AKA Inception Deja Vu Part Deux

I don't really like waiting an extended amount of time for autographs in the mail but now I have gone and purposely put myself in that situation yet again. As with the Seager and the base Ryu autographs this one is also a redemption card. It's Ryu time again.

As I love any blue variant / parallel cards of the Dodgers I knew in my mind I would want to get my hands on this one of the rookie Ryu. As I showed a few days ago I picked up the base card of Ryu for a little over $23 and admittedly thought that it was a slight overpay but I wanted to get my hands on an on card autograph of Ryu. I then really set my eyes on the blue variant of the same card. The gold variant is one of 99 with the blue coming next in "rarity" with one out of 75. They have been selling for north of $30ish with one hitting over $80. I had no problem with acquiring one at $30ish but no way was I going to overpay for this one as I already "overpaid" for the base. Lost out on a few auctions one day and on the last auction of the day ( 4 total ) I won this "autograph" for one penny over $30.

While I think I overpaid for the base I think I got a great deal on this blue variant. As with the other two lovely redemption cards I now wait on this one to be delivered to my door. Until then like with the others I have this spiffy used souvenir as a place holder.

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