Thursday, September 26, 2013

Card(s) of the Day - 2011 Finest : Jerry Sands Orange Refractor Autograph ( 7 and 79 / 99 )

And to finish off my three days of Mr. Sands and my second purchase of some particular day I received the best deal of the bunch.

Saw this auction for (2) orange refractors and even though I only need one there were no other auctions at the time for orange variety so I set my goal on winning these and trading one somewhere down the road. The seller had the starting price at .99 cents and with a set ceiling in my head on price I kept an eye on the auction. With about a minute left someone else bid on the cards and thought I would probably lose out on them. With a couple seconds left I put my bid in and won them both for a grand total of just $4 delivered to my house. $2 a card for an orange variety of just 99 numbered copies is a great deal. So I now have refractor, xfractor and orange. The next colors are going to be the hardest to acquire. Until then I have a spare orange one if anyone is interested.

Double Orange Sands. Anybody in need of one? ( 7, 79 / 99 )

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