Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Card of the Day - 2011 Finest : Jerry Sands Refractor Autograph ( 93 / 499 )

My fellow blogger Greg has his own projects that are just too massive for me to ever try to accomplish then there are those that seem a little easier to do and easier on the wallet and this happens to be one of them. He has what he likes to call the "rainbow" collection from the 2011 Finest set which includes Jerry Sands and Dee Gordon. I now have decided to do the same as him and collect these cards and this is the first of the Jerry's to hit my doorstep.

This is just the normal, non special refractor of Jerry. I had a lot of hope that he would succeed with the Dodgers but it just wasn't meant to be. He has a great back story with his better half and him being a substitute teacher while he waited for his big break. He was traded to the Pirates and now is stuck in their minor leagues. Hopefully he can come back up and have a successful career. With no spot on the big league team his cards are cheap to come by and I saw this card up for purchase on eBay. The seller and I went back and forth on offers and we finally settled on $4 delivered. Not a bad price for a numbered autographed card.

93 / 499

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