Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Card of the Day - Topps Archives : Frank Howard Autograph

My final pick up from my trip to Frank and Sons was Frank Howard. Known as Hondo by some and Big Punisher by others but a very good hitter by all.

I also met Frank at Frank and Sons awhile ago and got his signature on a ball like Bob Welch and now wanted to acquire him on a card and found this in the box with the other two that were shown the past couple of days. Frank even though seemed a tad aloof in person is a nice guy and he has a great looking signature. Very legible as you can actually read what his name is. Not like a lot of current players. Again, looking at you Ichiro. So as with the other 2 I could not pass on getting this past Dodger great at $8. For me that price for him was very reasonable.

So with that I completed my first non eBay transaction since I have reentered the hobby and I don't feel that I got taken advantage of and that is always a plus. Look forward to heading back there for more cards and more bargains.

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