Saturday, September 7, 2013

Card of the Day - 2009 Upper Deck Sweet Spot : Matt Kemp Autograph ( 34 / 199 )

Another "sweet" card arrived at my doorstep recently and once again it is a Matt Kemp autograph card.

The Sweet Spot series has been around for awhile and even when I was out of the hobby I always did enjoy looking at these cards as the sweet spot it is where you ideally want all your signatures on balls. Now these made it so you could have them in card form.

Now that I am back in the hobby and collecting again I wanted to get my hands on a Sweet Spot card of my favorite player Matt Kemp. Timing was never right as I saw them on eBay but something else that I wanted more or was more limited came up so this one had to take a back seat at the time. Well this gem came up on a day that I had nothing else going on and I zeroed in on it. Auction was ending during the day which meant I could keep an eye on it and with about 5 minutes left the card was at $12. Per the norm with a few seconds left I put my bid in at little less than half of book which is currently $50 and won it for just $18.49 with nothing coming out of pocket as I sold some bobbles prior to cover this and other cards. Not a bad pick up and I have now added yet another Kemp autograph to my collection which is growing at a fast rate.

More Kempness for my collection. 34 out of 199

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