Monday, September 2, 2013

Attended Game Recap : September 1st vs Jethawks - QUAKES 2 Jethawks 1 ALSO Signed Ball of the Day : Corey Seager

Entrance to Epicenter

Yesterday the wife and I took in our first minor league game and what better way than to watch the Dodgers affiliate Rancho Cucamonga Quakes. We've been to their stadium before but this is the first time to watch an actual game. By the time the game started the crowd was informed if they won the game they would clinch a spot in the playoffs. This also was another day in the rehab cycle for Matt Kemp.

We headed to the stadium early as I wanted to acquire the autograph of Corey Seager the highly touted shortstop in the Dodger farm system. With this also being fan appreciation day I thought this would be my best chance. When we arrived they were having Sunday "mass" in the dugout so we had to wait until that was over to approach any of the players. After mass they headed back into the clubhouse. Soon after they came back out and I was the first one to ask Corey for an autograph but he said give him a few and knowing how some players are I wasn't sure if he was blowing me off or actually was going to come back. He did his thing and then did come back and signed for me and he was nice enough to ask if I wanted sweet spot or not. Of course I did. Thank you Corey.

Corey signing for other fans.

Signed ball by Corey

Great first signature but I still wanted to acquire another one of Corey on a black ROMLB and my friend Janet also wanted one for herself. So the hunt continued. Saw Corey again after his warm-ups and tried to get another autograph but I wasn't able to at that time. Still had post game as an option to try to get Corey again. Onto the game.

Kemp continued his 0 for infinity as he didn't produce a hit but he did have a walk but was pick off. Not a productive day for him.

A view of the field

Kemp's first at bat

Another pic prior to Kemp's strikeout.

Corey at bat

Game went to extra innings where the Quakes had a walk off hit and clinched their spot in the playoffs. Great sight on the field seeing the group celebrate. Final score was 2-1 which happened to be the same score of the Dodgers from earlier in the day

The game was now over and I wanted to stake out for Corey to see if I could get a couple more autographs. We waited almost a hour as we saw every single other player come out. The questions that the kids who we also waiting were hilarious and made the time go faster. Some of them were :

  • Who are you?
  • Do you play for the team?
  • May I have  your autograph? Sign my head.
  • Are you Corey?
  • Girl talking to the clubhouse door " Come out now Corey "

I could go on. After all the other players came out Corey finally appeared and the wife and I were ready to try to get some autographs. After all the kids got theirs we were able to acquire two more. One for our friend Janet and the black ROMLB for my collection. So in the end I was able to get 2 balls for my collection and helped out a friend.

Black ball signed in gold

Signed ball for Janet. Enjoy

A great way to the day. Saw our first minor league game and it was a playoff clinching one at that. Acquired the autograph of my prime target. Great atmosphere in the crowd as well. Fun times. Can't wait to go to another one.

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