Monday, September 23, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day : Gaylord Perry ( ROMLB Sweet Spot )

One of if not my first paid autograph of a non Dodger happens to be a former Giant. Not sure if it was my first but if not it was for sure one of the first 5 I've ever paid for a non Dodger. It was for a good cause though and it's of a hall of famer who happens to be a member of the 300 win club as well. Gaylord Perry is the that man.

It was early 2009 and my wife had a project to do in Arizona so we made the trip out there. Once there I looked around to see if there were any events or shows that I could go while she did her thing. I found out that Gaylord was doing a signing at a brand new museum that was opening in Mesa. It is a museum that is dedicated to the history of spring training aka The Cactus League in Arizona. All you had to do to acquire Gaylord's autograph was to make a small donation to the museum. Thought that would be great. A place to explore and enjoy history and get an autograph. So I headed down to Mesa and when I arrived Gaylord had not yet arrived so I took in the museum. To learn more about it click here. It was very interesting. Gaylord showed up about 15 minutes later and I hoped in line and was about the 20th person there. He was talking to the crowd and enjoying everyone's banter. Got up to the table and handed him a ball and he signed it and he then asked if I wanted a picture. Normally I would say sure or even ask myself but the only problem was that he was wearing a Giant's hat and as a Dodger fan I just couldn't do it. I said thanks but no thanks and moved on. It was a great time acquiring another autograph for the collection and knowing that the cost of it went to a good cause made it all the better.

Gaylord played for 9 different teams during his career but he is one of those rare pitchers to win at least 300 games. That is more due to the fact he had a long career more than a great career but he did it nonetheless. He was inducted in the baseball hall of fame in 1991.

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