Saturday, September 21, 2013

Card of the Day - 2009 Topps T206 : Scott Elbert Autograph

I am still not a fan of these T206's and the only reason I had one prior to this one is because it was of Clayton Kershaw and I will never pass on any Kershaw or Kemp autograph no matter what kind of card it is. That being said I saw this item up on eBay one day and even though Scott will not pitch for the Dodgers this year he is still part of the team and I think will be a very important one next year. Like a few other bloggers out there I really do prefer the on card autograph rather than the sticker autograph. Like to know they touched the card.

Wasn't going to spend much on this card and saw many auctions on the same card where the price in the end would be at least $5. Normally wouldn't blink at that amount but I had too many other auctions I wanted to win so didn't really worry about this one. One day a seller had this starting at .99 with minimal shipping. Now I was interested. With the auction winding down no one had bid on the card which is not surprising so with less than a minute on it I put in my bid at the minimum and won it at the minimum. With shipping the total damage was a tad over $2. Love the bottom of the barrel finds and you just can't argue with a $2 autograph card even if its displayed on a series you are not too fond of.

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