Saturday, September 14, 2013

Card of the Day - 2013 Topps : A.J. Elilis Spring Fever Insert Autograph ( 66 / 155 )

Scouring eBay and figuring out that I didn't have any A.J. cards in my collection. I had to fix that. Looking around I found out that there just isn't many certified autograph cards of his out there. That is to be expected as outside of Los Angeles he just isn't that big of a deal but fans of the Dodgers know that he is integral to the team's success due to him handling the pitching staff on a daily basis while supplying a decent bat.

It came down to two cards that I saw that would be acceptable to acquire with this one being my first choice. I just happened to want this one more as it is from this year and it is predominately blue in nature (though it is a "refractor" of sorts so turning makes it change colors as seen below) which we all know I love in cards. With this being limited to only 155 copies there weren't many up for grab on eBay so when this one popped up I kept my fingers crossed that I could get it at a reasonable price. I ended up winning it at probably a little more than I should have paid for it but for a lucky $7.07 I didn't think too much of it and welcomed A.J. into my autograph collection.

Numbered A.J. 66 of 155


  1. Congrats! Only one of two A.J. autos I know of. Still waiting for an on-card auto.

    1. Ty. What is the other one? This is the only one I saw but just multiple times