Thursday, September 19, 2013

Attended Game Recap : September 16th vs A's - ANGELS 12 A's 1 ALSO Signed Ball of the Day : Mike Trout ( ROMLB Sweet Spot )

Baseball season is rapidly coming to a close but the wife and I were heading up to San Francisco for a little R and R. While the Dodgers were in Los Angeles getting their asses whipped by the Giants, the Angels were in Oakland to face the A's. A perfect chance to cross off another ballpark off my list. This would be the 9th different park I have been to. With the Angels being the wife's favorite team it was a no brainer.

Headed to the stadium and the traffic to get there from San Francisco was horrendous but once at the stadium the parking was a breeze. For a first place team there was hardly any support. Maybe 13,000-14,000 in attendance and that is on the high side. Seemed more like 10K at best. Parked about 200 feet from the gate. Headed in and of the nine parks I've been to this is the worst visually. Old ballpark with non of the old time charm and non of the new amenities.

Tarped off 3rd deck.

Taken about 40 minutes prior to game time. No one here hardly.

Per the norm we arrived early so I could take in batting practice and go autograph hounding. Thank you again to the wife for coming early. Another side project for me is to get a ball from each stadium as well. Problem today was the Angels called off batting practice. What? Now I had to count on trying to get one during the game or after they did their stretches. Also without BP there were no Angels on the field to get autographs. Double whammy. Decided to go check the food out. Prior to that I headed to the bathroom and what awaited there were the dreaded troughs. I thought the Dodgers were the last stadium that had these and once they took them out there were no more. I was wrong. Glad we don't have them anymore.

No one in the park means no on in the bathroom.

Headed back to my seat and hoped for the best on getting a ball. The Angels headed out to do their stretches and the first player to pass by was Joe Blanton. Called him by his first name and he looked at me and just turned away and walked into the dugout. Prick. Just like when you were with the Dodgers. One of the last players to leave was Kole Calhoun. No one seemed to know who he was and I called him by his first name which probably surprised him as no one else did and he was kind enough to toss me a ball.

Thank you again Kole. Now I don't have to go back to Oakland to get a ball.

Well the game was about to begin and my seats were next to the Angels dugout but still no one really around. Thought not happy I was content on at least getting a baseball to continue my collection but wished BP would not have been cancelled so I could get some autographs. Sat down and was talking to the wife when in the corner of my eye I saw Mike Trout start to sign at the railing which was about 20 feet from me. I stood up and darted over to Mike and got there just in time. I asked him if he would mind if I  could get a signature and before I could even ask if he would mind the sweet spot he flipped it into that position and signed right where I wanted. The one autograph that I really wanted I just acquired at the last possible minute prior to the game. Mike has passed me over numerous times at Angel stadium but this time I was not to be denied. There were maybe 5 people there asking for signatures from Mike. There would never be that small of a crowd in Anaheim for him. I finally got my hands on an IP auto from Mike and it couldn't look better. Thank you again Mike.

Newly acquired autograph

Autograph in its new home on the shelf.

With field ball in hand and just acquiring an autograph from the best young player in baseball everything was good in world. I sat back and relaxed and enjoyed the Angels give an ass kicking to the A's to the tune of 12-1 which included a home run from Trout.

Went to the game wanting to check off another ballpark from the list and hopefully acquire a ball from the field to continue that project which will be years before it is completed. Got both of those wants which was topped off by the ultimate cherry being a Trout autograph. A great day at the ballpark with my lovely wife. Couldn't ask for more . . . until October and hopefully the Dodgers are in the World Series and winning it.
= )

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