Thursday, September 5, 2013

Card of the Day - 2013 Topps Museum : Jackie Robinson Blue Bordered Variant ( 39 / 99 )

I can finally close the door on this variant set that I have been trying to complete for the past few months. The last card to acquire was the immortal Jackie Robinson.

Book value for his card is at $8 but I have seen sold auctions that I bid on close at over $10. Wanted the card but wasn't going to pay book or over for it. This copy came up one morning and the seller had it at a buy it now at $10 or best offer. Tempting to just buy it at his asking price but didn't so I sent in an offer of $7 and thankfully he accepted it. Just a dollar below book but with the great Ryu buy from across the ocean seen HERE and the ability to complete the set and move onto another project it was satisfying to do the transaction. Card came in just a few days later in pristine condition and has now been added to the collection. This also is my first Jackie card ever so not a bad one to acquire for that distinction.

39 / 99 Forever Blue Jackie

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