Sunday, September 22, 2013

Card of the Day - 2006 Topps : Don Zimmer Team Topps Insert Autograph

Finally added Popeye to my collection or as his birth certificate says Don Zimmer.

I love adding any Dodger cards that show the player depicted in Brooklyn uniforms and so far not too many have been added to my collection. I have searched for Don's autographs for a couple of months but every time I am in on an auction I lose out with seconds to go. I just can't justify in my mind to paying 75% if not higher for book for him. This card alone until now I have seen close as high as $15 with book coming in at $20. Didn't know he was that popular.

So yet again I tried my luck in another auction for Zimmer and knowing I was going to be out of signal range I put my bid in with a hour left and had beat the highest bidder by 7 measly cents. With that small amount the other bidder knew exactly what he needed to do to beat me and I wasn't going to put in another bid so I left it as is. Surprisingly I won the auction even though the other bidder only had to bid 35 cents more to acquire it for himself. So I finally added Don's autograph to my collection for just $7.70. With shipping it was still less than $10 so in total it was a tad less than 50% of book which I can live with. Great looking card of an old timer even though it is the sticker version of an autograph. Not going to complain.

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