Sunday, September 29, 2013

Attended Game Recap : September 28th vs Rockies : ROCKIES 1 Dodgers Zip Also Ball of the Day : Skip Schumaker ( ROMLB Sweet Spot )

The regular season came to a close yesterday for me as we attended our final home game until the real season starts this upcoming Thursday. There was a sense in the air that the Dodgers are just waiting for the post season as they did not put p much of a fight as they were defeated 1-0. Hopefully they can "turn it on" when it matters. A dangerous game to play.

One last game meant one last opportunity to acquire some autographs. Arrived at the stadium around 3:15 and headed down to the baseline as always but no one was signing early on. Carlos Marmol did come by once but he said he couldn't sign due to him needing to work. Yeah, right. Anyways no big loss for me. Wasn't going to hound him for an autograph. Was hoping for Brian Wilson but he never came by.

Brian yapping with fellow players.

While waiting for autographs I did get J.P. Howell to toss me a batting practice ball. One of the more beat up ones I have received this year. Another addition to the bucket.

I did acquire 3 total autographs for the day but two of them were of non players. I will be showing those off in their own separate entries. During the pre game stretches there were a multitude of players in front of me. Kemp, Young, Hanley, etc. Kemp for the first time ever turned everyone down with a motion of his hand. I've never seen that before. I am going to chalk it up as him being frustrated with yet another injury. I was not in the right place at the right time as I missed Hanley yet again. Someday I will get an IP autograph of him. The one player I did get was Skip Schumaker. He is a player that I have missed all season long but I was finally able to add him to my collection. He signed for about 10 people prior to the game and I was lucky enough to be one of them. Said thank you and moved back to my seats.

Skip ball.

The game felt like a drag but the post season awaits us in a few short days and can't wait for the real season to begin.


  1. Nice Skip ball. He went to my school so he always hooks me up. Gave me his bat the last time i saw him.

    1. TY. Small world we live in. That was nice of him. Love game "used" bats