Thursday, September 12, 2013

Card of the Day - 2009 Topps : Clayton Kershaw Ticket to Stardom Autograph Relic ( 148 / 489 )

Kershaw . . . Kemp . . . Kershaw . . . Kemp . . .
It seems like I alternate between these two great players when I search out autograph cards of either of them. Well it must be Kershaw's turn as I picked up another great looking card of his to add to my ever growing collection of Kid K.

I don't discriminate much on any Kershaw card except for non blue signatures and high prices. Came across this one on one of my many searches on eBay and with the "higher" print run per se I thought I might be able to pick it up at a decent price. Book value has this card sitting at $30. Not too bad so I didn't think this auction would get too out of control. In the end I welcomed this card to my collection at a nice smallish sum of just a little over $13. More than 50% south of book is always a win in my book and it being a card of Clayton is just more of a good thing. Can't wait to find another of his.

148 of 489 of Kid K and his John Hancock.

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