Monday, September 16, 2013

Card of the Day - Topps All-Time Fan Favorites : Bob Welch Autograph

For the first time in years I went to Frank and Sons in the City of Industry to acquire some cards instead of just doing an autograph signing or paperback hunting. Couple weeks ago I decided to swing by and see what they might have for me to acquire. I came away with three cards from one seller after all the looking around. The first is Bob Welch.

All the cards that I bought were $8 a pop. A tad more than the usual $5 that I like to pay for non current players but I was in the buying mood and didn't want to pass on getting some Dodger autographs. I met Bob at Frank and Sons last year and had him sign a ball for me so now I have a nice complement in the form of this autographed card that comes the Topps Fan Favorites Autograph series. I compared this autograph with the one that I got on the ball and they differ a tad as this one is more illegible to read his name. No matter as I am happy to add this card for a mere $8. I do love these old Topps designs with certified signatures on them.

Just me or does that glove look extra big?

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