Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Signed Ball of the Day : Roy Halladay ( ROMLB Sweet Spot )

Back to a current player for my signed baseball collection and one that has been injured for the most part of the year which has driven his price down dramatically in the hobby. The Doc, Roy Halladay has finally found a home in my collection.

Roy prior to this year had been a dominant player and has thrown two no hitters with one being a perfect game back in May of 2010 and to top it off the other in the playoffs of that same year. Joining Don Larsen as the only two pitchers to throw no hitters in the post season. Roy was a player I had hoped would have been traded to the Dodgers back in 2009 but this was during the height of the McCourt era and with him being a cheap ass that was never going to happen and it didn't. No, he went on to our hated rivals of that post season era the Phillies. Rumor had it he would never had stayed here or blocked the trade as he wanted to stay on the east side of the country. It is what it is but he is currently on the disabled list and this was the perfect time to try to get a signed ball of his.

At the height of his dominance I routinely saw signed balls by Roy going as high as $100+ and I was never going to pay that price. Even so I still wanted my own copy as he is a 200+ game winner and a durable and great competitor with no foreseeable bad traits other than being on the Phillies. Other than his 200th win this year he has pitched forgettable games and when he hit he DL it was time for me to try again in acquiring a signed ball.

Obviously it had to be a pre authenticated version. I saw a few going for $40-$50 and though I bid on them I was still low balling my bid as I was getting a feel of the land. One day a seller had one that I bid on and lost out to another buyer at $39. I was getting closer. The following day this JSA authenticated ball went up on a buy it now for $40 with a best offer option. Seeing how that was only a dollar more than the previous day loss I was tempted to purchase at that price but why not offer a lower amount which I did. Sent in an offer of $34 and it was accepted. Just scored an authenticated baseball of a possible future hall of famer for a low price. Ball arrived a week after payment and now sits on a bookcase looking good. Great buy.

Doc Halladay

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