Monday, January 27, 2014

Attended Game Recap : Ducks vs. Kings @ Dodger Stadium 1.25.2014 - DUCKS 3 Kings 0

Dodger Stadium was the site for the first ever outdoor NHL game in California with the participants being the Los Angeles Kings and the Anaheim Ducks. Two bitter teams with one team being the best in the NHL and the other being the Kings. The Kings have been in a lull for the past few weeks and hopefully this game would turn the team around.

But before the actual game there was things to see and participate in. The parking lot gates of Dodger Stadium opened up three hours prior to the game which was scheduled to begin at 6:30. The wife and I arrived around 4 to take in the festivities. We headed over to the spectator area and were greeted with a mass of people being funneled in by a very long line. We "merged" ahead of the crowd aka cut the line.
= ). Once in it was shoulder to shoulder with hockey fans.

The spectator plaza

Live music by some band covering White Stripe's Seven Army Nation.
Not a bad cover

Big hockey dude

Side of Dodger Stadium usually adorned with Dodger players.

Picture of one of the Dodger bobbles watching the sun set.

A hour prior to the game from our seats on the reserve level. A little busy.

Street hockey rink which later two teams of kids played a game

Stage where the band KISS will play twice later in the night.

Pre-game skate

Pre-game performance by KISS

Teams coming out through the center field entrance with the USC band playing.

Jordin Sparks singing the National Anthem. 

Wife and I prior to the game. 
Happy and ready to support our Kings
Go Kings Go !!!

Game on. Let there be outdoor hockey in Los Angeles

Penalty shot that could have changed the game but Duck goalie stops it. UGH

... and then the rest of the game happened. If the game was determined by minutes 11 to 60 then the two teams were pretty much even with me giving the edge to the Kings slightly. Problem is that they played minutes 1 to 10 where the Ducks game out with the more energy while the Kings seem to be going through the motions and found themselves in a 2-0 hole that they could never climb out of. In the final minutes the Ducks added an empty net goal to make the final score 3-0. 

We enjoyed the game and the atmosphere with our fellow hockey fans. We can always look back and say we were at the first outdoor game in California and we had fun except for the score at the end of the game. If you didn't get to experience this first hand it is a great thing to add to your bucket list. 

Now bring on Dodger baseball season which really kicks into high gear this week with us going to Select-a-seat on Wednesday and me attending Fan Fest on Saturday for some autographs.

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