Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Contest # 4 Results

Contest 4 comes to a close with this being the first one to use the program.

Alex from Chavez Ravining had the most entries with a total of 11 with Jesse coming in second with 7. Greg said screw it and went with just one entry and almost pulled off the big upset as with the second shuffle he was atop the heap. Only problem was that it was going to be shuffled 3 more times as I gave the courtesy to Alex of how many times it would be randomized as he gave me that same privilege in one of his previous contests. If he would have said 3 or 4 he would have won the cards but I had to hit the button one more time and Jesse ended up being the top dog for this contest.

Congrats to Jesse and the cards will be on your way shortly. New contest up this weekend and it will feature at least one current Dodger. Also due to me winning an autograph card from The Dutch Guy I want to pay it forward and in a future contest in the next month or so I will be giving away an autograph card as well. Just a heads up for everyone. Thank you to everyone for playing and thank you all that run your own contests that I get to join in.


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    1. makes me want to take wife down there now. only 15 minutes away and she loves it