Thursday, January 16, 2014

Card(s) of the Day - 2013 Finest : Matt Kemp Base Refractor and X-Fractor, Adrian Gonzalez Base Refractor, Clayton Kershaw Base

With my love of the 1993 retro insert set in this year's Finest release I knew sooner or later I would look for the 2013 Finest cards of the Dodgers. Finally found some with at price that was right up my alley.

Four dollars netted me four cards. My most common transaction is the dollar per card and once again it has not disappointed me. I do love me some Kemp and Kershaw cards and I was able to pick up two parallels of Kemp and the base of Kershaw for the same price. To top it off the refractor of Adrian was also available too so I nabbed that as well. A nice small haul at a very reasonable price.

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