Friday, January 31, 2014

Contest Winnings From The Dutch Card Guy # 1

My first package from somewhere other than the USA finally arrived yesterday and it was the one that I have been waiting for anxiously.

I was lucky enough to win the contest that was held by The Dutch Card Guy a few weeks ago. I came out the winner by being one of the four to take the time consuming project of leaving 400 comments on 400 blog entries and then the luckiest of the four in a randomizing pull. Original contest can be seen HERE with the results seen HERE . My hand hurt after all those comments but it was worth it as the winner I had first pick among cards that were available. Thank you again for running the contest and hope to see you in one of mine in the future.

Now onto the booty. Obviously the big prize is what I chose but he was kind enough to throw in some bonus cards into the package.

Hologram sticker from Upper Deck. I remember these back when I collected in the 90's

Postcard sized cards of past Dodgers Dave Stewart and Bob Welch. Have never seen these before.

Some old Fleer cards. Man I loved Pedro back in the day.

Victory cards that feel like playing cards. Again, another set I was unaware of.

A cool looking old Fleer Sticker card and the original wild horse, Raul Mondesi

Derek Lowe

And now the big prize and the card I assume everyone was gunning for in the contest.

2007 Bowman Sterling Autograph Relic Rookie Card of the best pitcher in baseball.
Clayton F'ing Kershaw
Looks better in person.

81 of only 199

A great package from across the pond. Once again, thanks go out to The Dutch Card Guy for hosting the contest and congrats to my fellow competitors in the competition as they also scored some nice cards as well. 


  1. Thanks for participating and good to see they arrived safely !!

    1. They are great. Thank you again.
      Will have 1st autograph contest on my site on Monday. On card from Dodger Fan Fest.
      Following week a on card from someone. Havent decided yet.

  2. Cool contest booty. Congrats. I recently found out about that Victory myself a few months back I have one maybe more not 100% sure. I keep discovering cards I forgot I had because I am not totally organized.

    Also those "old" Fleer cards are cool.

    1. Cool.. yes but I remember those when they first came out. Years past by too quickly. Feel old.
      Ha Ha

  3. Congrats on landing that sweet Kersh!

    1. Thank you sir. My hurt hands appreciate it

  4. Congrats! If you are looking to move the victory cards, primarily Green and Beltre, I would love to make a trade.

  5. The postcard size cards are from Dodger Police sets. They were issued annually during the 1980s.

    1. Appreciate the info.
      I knew someone would know.
      = )