Monday, January 6, 2014

Signed Ball of the Day - Michael Young ( ROMLB Sweet Spot )

.300 career batting average.
2375 total hits.
Multi time All Star.
2 appearances in the World Series.

Michael Young has had a pretty good career and probably still has a couple years left so he will have the chance to up his numbers. He played most of his career with Texas until he was traded to the Phillies during the 2012 off season and then was traded to the Dodgers in August of 2013. For the remainder of the regular season he was decent with an above .300 average and with that was put on the post season roster for his veteran presence. And then the series versus the Cardinals happened. He made four outs with two at bats with one being the costly one in game 1. Dodger fans for the most part have hate for Michael now and do not want to see him on the team in 2014. I don't think he will be but with Ned you never know. But since he was on the Dodgers I just had to acquire his autograph on a ball. Wear the blue and I need a ball.

In September I headed out to the stadium and hoped to acquire his autograph in person but each time I saw him I was not fortunate to get him to come over. I know he signed for some people on certain days as I have seen it posted on other blogs but I was never there on that day. So with the season over I assumed I would never get it in person as I don't expect him on the team in 2014 and if he does play it will probably be in the American League where they have the DH which means less opportunities at Dodger Stadium. Not to be denied I headed to my favorite market, eBay. I haven't looked for a Young ball prior to now and noticed a lot of current auctions were buy it nows set at or above $50. There were very few traditional auctions and those had a reserve and each time I lost out as I had a set limit I would spend on Michael. Finally settled in on two separate auctions which closed within hours of each other. This one was JSA authenticated while the other was PSA. Didn't care which one I won as long as I won one. In the end I picked up the JSA one for a measly $17. A steal. $14ish for a ball, authentication process at least $20 unless you get a deal and time and effort to get this all done. Yeah, this was the easier way. While I would love to have gotten Michael's autograph in person I will take a deal like this any day of the week. A nice addition to the collection and it was nice knowing you Michael.

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