Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Card of the Day - 2013 Topps Chrome : Adrian Gonzalez Base Black Refractor Parallel ( 88 / 100 )

I always pursue the blue parallels of players. Not really a fan of green, red, yellow etc. If I do see one I can pick up on a deal I won't pass on it as I can always use it as trade bait. One "color" that is not featured in every release is black. I love me some black cards. It is my second favorite behind blue. Well, Topps Chrome came out this year with a black parallel numbered to 100. A small number compared to other parallels but still doable to complete without burning a hole in my pocket.

I was lucky enough that on another eBay purchase the seller threw in the Zack Greinke black parallel as a freebie. That card was the first one that I acquired. This one is the second but the first I had to buy. Adrian is a popular enough of a player but not so much that his non autograph cards are high priced. Went looking for the best deal on eBay and found this one that the seller had at just $2. Gladly snatched that up for that price and I now have 2 cards in the black parallel set with more to come.

Love the color contrast between the black and blue.


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