Sunday, January 19, 2014

Card of the Day - 2013 Topps Update : Clayton Kershaw 2008 Rookie Commemorative Patch Card

Another Clayton card has been added to the collection.

Since my reentry to the hobby has and only will consist of cards produced from 2013 and forward other than autograph cards, I have never been in the market for Clayton's rookie card from 2008 ( other than the Bowman Chrome Refractor I already own ). Well Topps came out with its yearly update set and within it they have included an insert set of "patch/material" cards of popular players from their rookie years. There a few Dodgers within the set and Clayton is the first one I have been able to get my hands on.

Its only been a short 5 years since the original card that this card is based on but Clayton looks so much younger than how he looks now and he is still only 25 years old. Many more dominant years ahead I hope for our young ace. When I won this card on eBay there was no price guide to assist me on what I think I should pay for it. Considering it was Clayton and the seller had a minimal asking price of just $4 I picked it up as I ended up being the only bidder when the auction ended.


  1. That's a good price. I bought the Kemp one on ebay for 4 bucks, then pulled another one out of a blaster box later that night -_-

    1. The price of collecting buh? Your contest is doing quite well. Thank ypu again. Fyi my next contest will be up tomorrow

    2. Good to know. I plan on doing some other contest pimp posts soon, so I'll be sure to include yours.