Sunday, January 26, 2014

Contest Winnings From Chavez Ravining # 2

... and after waiting a long time to win a contest run by Alex over at Chavez Ravining I go and win back to back ones. You just never know your luck in these things. Yesterday I showed off my first bundle of goodies won and today is the second of the contest winnings. Again, the extras that Alex threw in were cherished more than the actual prize from the contest.

The contest was centered on a Joc Pederson card from the 2013 Bowman set and a card that I already owned. It was the fact that Alex was going to throw in some Dodger cards if you happen to win the contest.

First off the Joc card :

Next an Ethier card from the 2013 Bowman Platinum set :

Next up is a Hanley Ramirez card from Prizm :

I am not a fan of the non MLBPA licensed cards but it will fit in nicely in my HanRam collection

The first 2 of 3 of our newly signed ace, Clayton :

Another one of those non MLBPA cards in the form of Playoff
A 3-D card from Topps

And now the two prizes of the bunch, or what I consider the best :

I already have the refractor and xrfactor of the Finest Kemp but didn't have the base.
Alex read my mind list and helped me out there. Kemp Komplete
And I am just a fan of the minis and I did not own this one yet.
Another great Kemp addition.

And the final and best card :

A retro insert of Kid K. I love chrome and I love retro and that combination looks great on yet another Kershaw card that was needed for my personal collection.

Thank you once again to Alex for the contest and all the cards he included in the package. Much appreciated as always. Make sure to read his blog for more contests and all things Dodgers. 

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