Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Contest Winnings Box Break - 2013 Topps Update

It has been so long since I have done a HTA box break. Literally over a decade ago. Back in December I won a 2013 Topps Update baseball box from Topps on Twitter. There was a shipping issue and after a little more than a month the box has arrived and it is in my hands. Time to rip and hope for some great cards either for my personal collection or trade bait.

The box within the box

Opened and ready to rip

I know some people just do the hits and show them off but since I don't know when I will do another box I will go pack by pack. There are 36 packs with each one containing 10 cards.

Pack 1 :

Right off the bat.
Yasiel Puig Base Card
John Smoltz Postseason Heroes Insert

Pack 2 :

Ted Williams Chasing History Insert

Pack 3 :

A very sparkly green parallel of Klye McClellan
Trade bait

Pack 4 :

Clayton Kershaw mini
Already have this one so this will go into the trade pile or possible future contest

Pack 5 :

Nolan Ryan / Yu Darvish Franchise Forerunners Insert

Pack 6 :

Jose Fernandez Chasin History Insert
The bearded one, Brian Wilson, in Dodger blue

Pack 7 :

Greg Madduz Postseason Heroes Insert
Shaun Marcum in green parallel form

Pack 8 :

Miguel Cabrera Mini

Pack 9 :

Hyun-Jin Ryu with rookie debut stamp
Starling Marte Making Their Mark Insert

Pack 10 :

Matt Harvey Chasing History Insert

Pack 11 :

Jackie Robinson Chasing History Insert

Pack 12 :

Kyle Gibson Making Their Mark Insert
Who? Worst pack so far.

Pack 13 :

Paul Goldschmidt Mini

Pack 14 :

Manny Machado / Cal Ripken Jr. Franchise Forerunners Insert
Jurickson Profar green parallel

Pack 15 :

Bob Feller Chasing History Insert

Pack 16 :


Pack 17 :

Adam Jones Mini

Pack 18 :

David Ortiz Postseason Heroes Inset
Zack Wheeler Marking Their Mark Insert

Halfway through the box and even though nothing earth shattering price wise has popped up, there is nothing I can complain about. A good variety so far. Box promised one autograph or relic ( hoping for auto ) so with the next 18 packs I look forward to something really good.

Pack 19 :

Greg Maddux Mini
and what happens right after I type that last sentence?
Justin Verlander All Star Patch Relic. Lol.
Trade bait or contest material

Pack 20 :

Josh Thole green parallel
Matt Harvey / David Wright Franchise Forerunners
Another Yasiel Puig card

Pack 21 :

Johnny Podres Chasing History Insert
Wil Myers black parallel ( 38 / 62 )
That is the big hit so far value wise. EBay has past sales of over $20

38 of only 62

Pack 22 :


Pack 23 :

Jackie Robinson Mini
Have this one as well so trade it becomes

Pack 24 :

Jose Fernandez Marking Their Mark Insert
Buster Posey Postseason Heroes

Pack 25 :

Wil Myers Chasing History Insert

Pack 26 :

Chad Qualls green parallel

Pack 27 :

Another Puig card
Mike Trout Mini

Pack 28 :


Pack 29 :

Jay Bruce Mini

Pack 30 :

Yasiel Puig / Matt Kemp Franchise Forerunners
Tony Cingrani Making Their Mark Insert

Pack 31 :

Bret Saberhagen Chasing History Insert

Pack 32 :

Ronald Belisario green parallel

Pack 33 :

Cal Ripken Jr. Mini

Pack 34 :

Roy Halladay Postseason Heroes

Pack 35 :

Nomar Garciaparra Chasing History Insert

.... and now for the final pack

Pack 36 :

Yasiel Puig Making Their Mark Insert

Well the box starts of with a Puig card and ends with a Puig card. As a Dodger fan I sure received my fair share of Dodger cards in this box especially Puig cards. Thank you again to Topps for running the contest and it was blast ripping a whole box of goodness.


  1. So much Dodger goodness haha. Congrats man!

    1. Right?
      I have the itch to buy another box of something now
      Thank you

  2. You should have received about 6 gold border cards. They're #/2013 and are among the better inserts you'll get.

    1. You are correct.
      Never been a big fan of gold (prefer blue as evident from my other posts) and since none were Dodgers or big stars I didnt mention them. Going to use them as trade bait or contest or combo of both