Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Card(s) of the Day - 2013 Topps Chrome : Adrian Gonzalez Base Purple Refractor Parallel and 2013 Topps : "Signing" SP Variant and 2013 Finest : Matt Kemp 1993 Retro Insert

Decided to circle back to previous sets that I moved on from a couple months ago and I found 2 bargains and also another card from a retro set that I love.

The prices on the secondary market for Topps Chrome and Topps have stabilized enough for me to venture back in and see what I could find. Picked up a variant and SP of A-Gon that slipped through my hands when they were first released. The purple refractor has a book value of $6 which I would never pay but the 99 cents which I did was a steal. The seller had the variant SP from the Topps set that depicts Adrian signing autographs. This is part of a variation subset of multiple players with this Adrian version being my first acquisition from said set. Need the Kershaw one next. Book value is $12 but was able to pick up for less than 50% at just $5. To put the cherry on top the seller also had the Kemp 1993 Finest retro card for only $1.80. Another Kemp added to the collection.

A small haul but a good one value wise.


  1. Nice pickups! Love the A-Gon signing card.

    1. All of those SP the players seem "akward" to me. Kershaw's more than A-Gon