Friday, January 3, 2014

Card(s) of the Day - 2013 Topps : Full Dodgers Team Set From Retail Factory Box

Day 2 and entry 2 of my Christmas gift from the wife.

Yesterday as seen HERE the main prize for me was the Ryu photo variation that is only found in the retail factory set. The rest of the non-Dodgers will be used for trade to bring in more Dodgers. One way or another the wife is going to be getting me Dodger stuff whether its direct or I have to hustle for it.
= )

Anyways, instead of me hunting for the individual cards of all the Dodgers I was able just to pull them out of the box and be done with looking for them on the bay. Though I have some of them already its always nice to have dups to be used for trades, contests, etc. Though there is nothing specifically "special" about the cards I wanted them all. So everyone into the pool.

Dee, Andre and Kid K

Joe " I cant believe his was a Dodger " Blanton, LL Kershaw and Jansen

Paco, Get well soon Chad and underrated Choate

Nice guy Chris, Why are you still here Josh and Mickey Mouse Adrian

2014 Comeback Player of the Year Kemp, Thank God you retired Lilly and the bane of our bullpen League

Nice blurry Pic Matthew. WTF ??
Harriston, HanRam and Part time wrestler Greinke

Ellis, Cruz and Crawford

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