Monday, January 13, 2014

Signed Ball of the Day - Chris Perez ( ROMLB 2011 All Star )

It's like striking gold when you get such a great deal on eBay. While the player isn't the biggest and nor has he proven anything on the Dodgers as of yet as he just signed, acquiring Chris's autograph on a baseball was on my to due list and checked off almost immediately.

Once the ink dried on the contract with the Dodgers I wanted to see what the market was on the bay for authenticated baseballs. I knew I would probably run across him at some point during the season but I didn't really want to "waste" a baseball if I didn't have to. Would have but didn't want to. I honestly didn't think there would be much if any to chose from as he is a reliever and it would have to be pre authenticated as well before I would purchase it. Low and behold this one was up for sale with a starting asking bid of just under $10. It is the speciality 2011 All Star baseball, has Chris's signature under the AS logo and is authenticated by JSA. Wasn't sure if there would be any traffic on the auction but in the end I was the only person to bid on the ball and within the week I received it. Time and effort, authentication process and actual ball is worth way more than $10 and acquiring all that for that low amount is a coup.


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