Thursday, May 7, 2015

BGS Result Update Number Eight - 2015 Topps : Clayton Kershaw Silver Framed Parallel Now Graded Gem Mint 9.5

Original thoughts :

2015 Topps Silver Frame Kershaw

It is hard to see how any metal framed cards get anything less than a gem mint grade but I have seen them. I (knock on wood this one won't be the case) have not had that issue and hope it does not start here even though I don't think it will. The card is clean and edges and corners are "sharp" so a nice limited Kershaw gem mint card would be nice here.

Full Submission Result and Thoughts :

I almost jinxed myself...almost.

As stated in the above paragraph I don't see how any of these metal framed cards earn anything less than a gem mint grade. Corners and edges shouldn't be an issue nor should centering as the photo is "framed" but boy when I hit the button to see the sub grades and I saw a 9 sub grade I quickly looked over and thankfully saw an overall grade of gem mint 9.5. 

This was one of the 4 cards I submitted by not going the raw card review route and instead went the full submission route "knowing and expecting" it would grade out to gem mint. Close to not being what I expected but in the end I now own the only (at this moment) gem mint version of this card. There could possibly be 20 but I am for sure one of them and think this gold banner raises the value of this limited beauty just a tad. 

Encasing a framed, gem MVP

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  1. Love reading your blog, have a question for you, do you know when the next rcr beckett event in so cal???


    1. Thank you.
      There is one in Santee (San Diego) next weekend and usually South Bay SportsCard will do another one in Sept/Oct