Monday, May 18, 2015

Card of the Day - 2013 Bowman Chrome : Corey Seager Base Yellow Refractor Parallel (2/10)

A card acquisition almost a year in the making and once it made it into my grubby little hands I can say it was well worth the wait.

This yellow! parallel has been on the bay for the better part of 10 months on a BIN auction with a best offer option. The asking price was way too much to my liking and there were too many other autographs and parallels that were easier to obtain with less hassle. But I still kept it on my watch list and there it stayed as every month it would restart its 30 day countdown till it reset itself every ensuing month. There was always at least 3-7 people with the card on their watch lists so I am unsure if there was ever a formal offer sent to the seller. I would say after all that time it was safe to say there was but obviously nothing to his liking.

On a particular day eBay was running a 10% eBay bucks promotion and I thought maybe it was time to see if I could land this yellow beauty. Recent sales for me had me in the black and thinking if he was reasonable I could acquire it and earn some extra bucks for a future purchase. All day the seller and I went back and forth on offers till we agreed on an amount that was good for the both of us. A week later the card was in my hands.

Though I want my rainbow parallel projects of Seager and Urias to at least grade out to mint 9's when I acquire a card with this low of number of copies (10 in this case) I really want it to come back a gem mint 9.5. With some looking underneath the magnifier I can say it pretty much is a gem mint 9.5 but it also has a chance at a pristine 10. Now wouldn't that be nice? With only the red parallel (5) with a lower number (other than the one for ones) this might be my last "very limited" numbered parallel of Corey.

Two of only Ten

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. I remember these being super tough pulls from retail. Awesome card!

    1. TY
      This is the chrome version though so I believe that they were also in hobby packs but I could be wrong. You might know more on that