Wednesday, May 27, 2015

BGS Result Update Number Eighteen - 2014 Bowman Chrome : Kris Bryant Base Autograph Now Graded PRISTINE 10

Original pic and thoughts :

2014 Bowman Chrome

The one of the six that I think are border line but the one most likely to pull out a 9.5 overall grade. I picked this up on a trade/purchase with my good friend Jesse with the intention of submitting it and getting a gem mint card of the supposed next Cub's superstar. As I told Jesse there is only one "issue" that I saw with the card but unlike the Five Star and Stratas the one corner in question is not as blatant. Thinking here is that it grades out to a 9.5 but keeping my expectations tempered.

Result and thoughts :

BAM !!!

A pristine 10 of a super prospect. You just can't ask for more. 

As stated up above I picked this up on a trade/purchase with my friend Jesse back in Dec./Jan. as I wanted an autograph card of this Cubs prospect. When in hand I expected it to grade out to a gem mint as I saw one corner under the magnifier that gave me a slight pause to anything higher. Well BGS says here that there is no flaw and gave it a perfect 10 with the same grade on the autograph (which I wasn't really worried about). 

Sales of this card have gone over $600 and my wife who calls these 10's minty fresh or winter fresh wants me to sell it. Guess she wants a new purse. Lol. I have no intention at this moment to unload this even though it is tempting with that 10 attached to it but I am going to roll with it and see how he does when/if he gets called up this year. There is not a shortage of these as this one will be at least number 62 in the pristine club but the demand is big enough to continue to drive this card's price higher and higher. Now if this comes back a black label pristine 10 then I might really have to think about selling it but I shall see when and if that time comes.

Final Submission Result and Thoughts :

The 3rd and final pristine from my most recent submission batch and my last chance to acquire my 1st black label from BGS. It was not meant to be so I will have to wait and try again the next time I submit cards. Still having a BGS 10 of the hottest prospect in baseball is nothing to sneeze at and I will take it any day of the week.

Even though there are 55 that have been graded this high it has not squelched the demand which is still higher than supply. Well I decided to sell this beauty off and by the time this post goes live it will have been long gone. I actually went and bought/acquired two cards (which I will showcase in the next two days) from the anticipated funds of this card's sale. Though I love having 10's I decided to sell this when the market was at it's highest. I made the mistake of holding onto a Kemp card when he was scorching hot and that wasn't going to do that again. 

The card sold promptly as expected and even more than I thought it would. If Kris makes it big this card's value will skyrocket even more but since he is not a Dodger I will not feel bad that I let it go as tomorrow's post will show that I found a nice replacement for it. 

18 cards and 17 satisfactory results with some being greater than expected. I already have another batch that is up to 20 cards and will be submitting those once BGS is back in my area for a raw card review event. It's an addiction. 
= )

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you again sir.
      I think you will agree with what I acquired for it
      Next two days worth of posts

  2. Very nice! That is probably the one guy I would sell on right now. Prices are just too crazy.

  3. Very nice! That is probably the one guy I would sell on right now. Prices are just too crazy.

    1. I did indeed sell and ended up with two cards for it. Next two days worth of posts. Not sure if I am going to sell tomorrow's though. Might hold onto it a tad longer. We shall see. Thank you again.
      Also, Cant make it out for Dodger weekend but going out there two weeks later when Giants are in town. I will be the Pirate fan with a Dodger hat on that weekend.