Monday, May 25, 2015

BGS Result Update Number Seveteen - 2014 Bowman Draft : Julio Urias Base Chrome Black Refractor Parallel Now Graded PRISTINE 10

Original pic and thoughts :

2014 Bowman Chrome Draft Black Parallel

As with Seager I have taken on the project of acquiring the 1st year Bowman Chrome cards of Urias in rainbow form and hopefully have them all in gem mint form. Realistically that probably won't happen and 9's will be fine but with that said I see no flaws on this card other than maybe it is slightly off centered but that shouldn't stop it from a 9.5. 

Result and thoughts :

Prior to this batch I only had 1 card come back as a 10. Now with this batch that number has grown to 4. Now the question is does this Urias or the other 2 come back as a "black label" pristine 10? For those that don't know there are two types of pristine 10's. One is if 3 sub grades are 10's and the other is a 9.5, which is what my Puig is, then there is the new black label where all 4 sub grades are 10's. We shall see what my 3 earned when the results are posted in a month. A black parallel of Urias in a black label? Yes please.

I actually thought the blue parallel of Urias from this same batch was in better condition than this card and in fact earned gem mint status but BGS thought this card was perfect and I am not one to argue with them. This is one fine addition to my ever growing Urias collection. 

Final Submission Result and Thoughts :

Of the 3 pristines that I received this was the one I really wanted to earn a black label for visual purposes in addition to value. What can make a limited (75) black parallel even better? A nice black label to make the whole case color coordinated. It was not meant to be though as with the pristine Kershaw I am "stuck" with a plain old 10.

This is the Bowman Draft chrome and not the Chrome prospects chrome so that makes this the only one in existence that has earned a 10. There is a Chrome prospects that earned a 10 (black label too) and I saw it sell on eBay for a nice round sum of $200 a couple months ago. Since is not a black label and these draft chromes have a tad less demand I would like to think that this is probably worth $120-$150 on the open market. No intention to sell but that could change when he makes it to the big leagues as demand will be even higher than it is now. Till then I will enjoy this fine one of one in the world. Viva Mexico.

Might not be perfect but it is pristine

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  2. Wow, very nice! Also, I may need to buy a stainless steel replica watch. :)

    1. = )
      One last card to show off Wed and then another batch is being shipped later next month.
      27 so far. Yikes