Tuesday, May 26, 2015

State of the Day : Dodgers Social Rewards Update 1.2 Million and Still In First

Call me pleasantly surprised.

I knew come the last part of May I would be crossing the 1.2 million threshold in the Dodgers Social Rewards program but what I didn't expect was that I was still perched at the top of the standings. I fully expected to knocked out of first and reside in second for the rest of the 2015 baseball season till I could work myself back up during the off season. As a matter of fact in early April it looked like that was the path I was headed as my lead was cut from 13K down to low 9K and assumed it would evaporate soon after. But then it didn't

I noticed one day that the 2nd place person had missed his daily point input which gave my lead a day reprieve. Then a funny thing happened, the glitch that made my lead disappear last year seemed to have disappeared itself. I was no longer losing my lead day in and day out and in some instances was adding to the lead. Will this last? I don't know but I hope it does as even though I have not won a single thing from this program I enjoy my 1st place position. I have almost 700 tokens and not a single thing to use them as it seems the Dodgers are choosing to just do a promotion here and there and one at a time unlike last year when there were more at the same time and more all together.

The 1.3 million threshold should come sometime in late July early August and if I am still in first at that time then it will probably be safe to assume I will be there till the 2016 baseball season comes around but we shall see. Till then I still hold out hope I win something on this program.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. I won't catch you but I can try for the same page as you.

    1. ... and id welcome a fried in the top 5 with me.