Sunday, May 31, 2015

Card of the Day - 2008 SP : Matt Kemp By The Letter Autograph "E" (16/25)

Though it won't see the light of day for a couple of months this is my first post about Kemp since he was traded to the San Diego Padres. While he remains my 3rd favorite player I understand why the front office did what they did. I personally think they should have kept him one more year at the very least but they were against the wall on this one as Ethier and Crawford are near impossible to trade and Kemp held the most value. I will miss Matt and watching him man right field and I wish him the best. With that said, I will not stop collecting his autographs and while I won't be looking for that many more I still have one major project I dream of finishing. The 2008 SP autograph patch set.

Honestly, prior to me getting this card I thought I would never finish this project but with it in hand I have some renewed faith that I might actually get this done. This is by far the hardest project I have under took since I began to collect cards again and with only 25 copies of this card in existence and the need for 4 of them I didn't think I would finish it. Also prior to this "E" card I haven't even seen one for sale in almost a year. The only one I did see was part of a bulk sale and I couldn't convince the seller to break it up and sell me just the "E".

Well when this card showed up I was all over it and put in my bid and then contacted the seller to ask if he would end the auction and sell it to me outright. He said no so I had to play the bidding war.I had to figure out how high I was willing to go to acquire this elusive letter. To make matters worse I was going to be in a movie at the time of the auction's end. Oh boy. So with two hours left and before the movie started I put in a larger than normal amount and crossed my fingers it didn't get too high or worse I got outbid. Happy to say when I checked my eBay that I won the card for a minimal amount and I was now the proud owner of the 1st of 4 needed "E's".

Can I do it?
Not sure but I am going to continue to try.
22 down.
3 to go.

16 of 25

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. Why do you need so many "E"s? I'm confused

    1. To have the master set you need to spell out whole phrase

      M A T T
      K E M P
      L O S
      A N G E L E S
      D O D G E R S

      Four "E's" in the phrase.
      also multiple other letters as you can see but I got those.
      Print run of only 25 for E so its been a pain