Wednesday, May 13, 2015

BGS Result Update Number Eleven - 2013 Bowman Draft : Corey Seager Base Chrome Green Refractor Parallel Now Graded Gem Mint 9.5

2013 Bowman Chrome Corey Seager Green Parallel

Yeah, so now we come to the "uh, duh" cards of the batch which are also the last of said batch. These were acquired pre-graded as gem mint and so that is what I expect back (the uh, duh comment once again) and the pursuit of mint/gem mint rookie cards of Seager continues.

Final Submission Result and Thoughts :

This is the 1st of two cards that were pre graded via the raw grade review when I acquired them and the only question was how close to a mint 9 or a pristine 10 did they get. The results are in and this particular one is a firm 9.5 gem mint. 3 9.5's and a 10 making this card a solid return. 

Acquired at such a low sum of funds makes it that much sweeter. This card reminds me of Notre Dame now with it being a green parallel within a gold banner case. The rainbow project continues and even though this is one of the less limited parallels it is still nice to have it in house and filed away. 

No green envy here just some gem mint goodness

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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