Monday, May 11, 2015

BGS Result Update Number Ten - 2011 Gypsy Queen : Clayton Kershaw Mini Frame Autograph Now Graded Gem Mint 9.5

Original pic and thoughts :

2011 Gypsy Queen

Now we get the 6 cards that could go either way. I expect each of them to have at least 2 9.5 sub grades if not 3 but there is one thing or another that might drop that last sub grade to an 8.5. First up is this sweet pick up I showed off earlier in the week. At 1st glance when you look at this card there is hardly a flaw you can see with the naked eye but if you slant it a certain way you can see some surface blemishes on the plastic coating. The question isn't if that sub grade doesn't earn a 9.5 but whether it can hold and earn a 9 so the other 3 can get 9.5's so the overall grade is a 9.5.  

Result and thoughts :

There were 6 cards that were in my opinion borderline from being a mint 9 or a gem mint 9.5. This was the one of the 6 I really wanted to earn that 9.5. Even though I would like them all to have a 9.5 banner this one being limited to only 25 and with it being inserted into packs as a redemption card means probably not all have or will be redeemed. This is the only copy to surface on eBay in the past year and I am the 3rd owner of the card. This would become my new crown jewel of Kershaw autographs that is not his rookie card if it could squeeze out a 9.5.

When I picked up my order there were a lot of gold tops staring at me and I searched for this one and then I saw it. GEM MINT. Woo Hoo. I was worried that those surface scratches might hinder the end grade but thankfully it did not. The sub grade held to at least a 9 and I now own the only and possibly the only one that will ever grade this high. I might even put it up on eBay with one hell of a reserve just to see how high it would go but of course with no intention of selling. 

Yet ANOTHER gem mint autograph of Kershaw for the collection. Keep them coming.

Final Submission Result and Thoughts :


Nothing but gem mint numbers here baby. 
I would normally place a card like this higher up on the list with it being such a limited card with a strong overall 9.5 grade and not one that just squeezed by but there are bigger surprises with the remaining 6 9.5's. 

I expected the surface grade to be the one weak link of the four sub grades but that was not meant to be as it earned a 9.5 like the other 3. This is the 1st 2011 gypsy queen of Kershaw to grace the Beckett offices and I am happy to report it left in a spiffy gold case. My new non rookie crown jewel of Kershaw autographs is now firmly in my hands with no intention of ever letting it go. 

25 in existence and only one to be graded gem mint.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.