Saturday, May 2, 2015

State of the Dodgers : Joc Pederson's Autograph

The Dodgers are currently in first with contributions from many different positions and Joc Pederson has been a pleasant surprise. Yes, he was a highly touted prospect but through one month he has been more than I personally thought he would be. Of course it has only been one month so let's revisit his performance in September and how he held up.

Of course with good production on field that means higher demand in the card hobby and more specifically autographs. That is what this post is about. For those that actually collect autographs of Joc you may or may have not noticed a trend with his signature.  Long time followers know that I love to get my cards graded by BGS and the autograph grade is highly important to me and basically the only way you don't get a 10 on it is if the signature ends at the edge of the card or if the signature is smeared, streaking or hindered in any way.

My former 2012 Bowman Chrome card of Joc

In person autograph from 2013

Both of these signatures were/are mine. The Bowman Chrome was acquired via eBay and you will notice he streaks his autograph in his first name. When I went to go get his autograph last year at Frank and Sons he streaked it on the photo I brought. Coincidence or pattern?

Bowman Sterling which is very streaky

Another Sterling and BGS once again downgrades the autograph

Same (different color) Bowman Chrome that I had and there is that pesky 9 again

Why does it seem that all of his cards streak? Does Topps not give him a good pen but even if they didn't he couldn't possibly just use the same one till it dried and then picked up another? So how about this year's autographs?

Refractor from the just released Bowman brand

Base card. Better but you can still see streaking

The worst offender of them all. That "J" is about to disappear

So it really doesn't matter what brand or year as it seems that Joc has autograph issues. The only thing I can attest this to is that he signs very hard and very fast which can cause this. This makes acquiring a clean and possible "10" autograph from BGS that much harder than it should be.

I would think there would be some quality control on Topps part as I know they have to see this pattern but I guess they just don't care and get their quota and move onto the next player. I just wish Joc (and other players for that matter) and card makers would take a little more pride in their product as collectors like us love to open packs to discover an autograph and then if we see something like one of these cards have our happiness deflated almost immediately.

Just wanted to share a thought in my mind even though this seems more like a rant now. You may or may not agree but just wanted to share it.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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