Saturday, May 2, 2015

Card of the Day - 2013 Topps Five Star : Mike Mussina Base Autograph (134/333)

I can basically say now the Five Star brand is my new go to for on card autographs for players that are not rookies as those can usually be found in Bowman Chrome which is still my favorite brand. That is probably more because I grew up with those but man do I love these thick cards.

While there are the occasional rookies included in Five Star (Puig, Trout etc.) the main draw for me is acquiring older players that are in the middle or end of their careers or ones that have been gone for awhile. I grew up liking Mike for some odd reason while he played for the Orioles. I think it's because of his last name (Mussina) I like the look and the sound of it I guess. I never purchased his autograph before but going back through the years to see who I missed the first time around I came across Mike once again. I remembered I wanted his autograph and the first place I looked for it was Five Star.

While Beckett has this valued at a little higher than I think it should I remained on the sidelines till I found the right deal. This bad boy came up for sale one day on the bay and after a week I was the winner of it for less than the cost of a lunch. Not too shabby.


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  1. Five Star and Museum Collection are my favorite products followed by Triple Threads. Awesome card, I still haven't gotten myself to buy a $15 Mussina autograph yet...