Monday, May 4, 2015

Card of the Day - 2015 Topps Heritage : Matt Kemp Base Chrome Black Refractor Parallel (4/66)

The acquisitions of new Kemp cards is quickly reaching its end and this is probably one of the last as of right now there are only two others I am currently looking for. Though I still enjoy watching him play I can not make myself care enough to pursue his cards with him in a Padres uniform. With baseball season in full swing those cards will be coming more and more commonplace and these with him in Dodger blue will become less frequent.  Sad but a fact of life in the hobby.

With only 66 copies of each black chrome there are/were only so many chances to get my hands on one and the few that I lost out on had the final total reaching $15 and in a couple cases near or over $20. Too rich for my blood so I had to just cross my fingers and hope that one would come down to my price and thankfully this one did. The card to me seems to be in perfect condition and would be a candidate for grading if that value was higher. Maybe someday down the road but till then it's just a great card of a former Dodger in my collection.

Sixty Six

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