Friday, May 1, 2015

Making Some May Memories

Literally starting the month off with a bang and a big one at that.

The first day of the month brings about the official summer movie season and with it probably the highest grossing movie of the year when all is said and done, Avengers 2 or better known as The Age of Ultron. I am ready to geek out tomorrow as I have my tickets in hand and will be watching it with the family. I have high expectations and I believe they will be delivered. Of course Avengers isn't the only movie I plan to watch in the theater this month as...

... two weeks after Ultron drops the classic Mad Max is getting remade. I was a fan of the original with Mel Gibson as the lead but with the way special effects are now I think this remake is going to blow that one out of the water. Not looking for a story here but just a lot of blow em up and kill em scenes on a massive screen.

To finish off the movie month we get to see if California really does becoming an island in...

The Rock leads another movie which will probably have a minimal story but a lot of high action and special effects. Living in California I dread the day the big one hits but that doesn't stop me from watching the worse case scenario on the big screen.

There are a few other movies that I want to see but they will probably have to wait till they hit DVD as I can only convince/nag my wife to watching so many movies in the theater. The ones with special effects or geekiness in them usually get a pass so I can ear mark these 3 for a viewing. I will be starting up my movie reviews again starting with the Avengers flick so catch my opinion a couple days after the film's release.

Enough of the movies and back to the beginning of the month.

After the Avengers flick and a little food to refuel I will be heading over to my brother's house to watch the biggest fight in years.

Oh yeah, Filipino pride here as I want/need to see Manny knock that smirking, cocky and piece of crap Floyd on his ass over and over again. Being realistic though I expect a pretty even fight with minimal knockdowns but hold out hope that Manny pulls out the win.

Floyd has been ducking Manny for years and this fight is probably at least 3 years past due as both men have lost a step or two but it should still be a great fight. I will be in the heart of Flip Town aka Carson, CA and I expect it will be rocking all night long.

While officially the wife and I have no games planned to attend I am sure that will change as I have a few of my season tickets left over for this month and there happens to be a game on May 16th where they are giving away a 1965 World Series ring replica to all fans. Those are easy to flip on eBay for some decent cash so I can use those funds to possible attend that game at almost no cost. Of course I can't forget that the wife loves her Angels (continued bad taste on her part, hee hee) so I have a game or two that I am eyeing that might work for us. We only watched two games last month so to keep up with that pattern I am thinking one Dodger and one Angel game. Just have to figure out which ones.

Of course May would not be complete with a holiday and as I have gotten older I have appreciated this one even more.

Memorial Day.
I don't want to use the term "celebrating" as I rather say "appreciative and/or honoring" the veterans that this day is for. My grandfather who passed away last month (R.I.P.) fought in World War 2 as a radar man on the U.S.S. Bush which if you look up was sunk by kamikazes in where he had to survive in the ocean for hours while waiting for rescue all the time there were sharks in the water and Japanese trying to shot him dead along with his fellow men.

We get to enjoy the movies I plan to watch and the games I want to attend because of men and women like him who fought for our freedom. Our world would have been a lot different if the bravery of these men and women didn't happen. As a child and young adult I just thought of this as a day off of school or work but now I realize that yes I still get this day off but it is because of people that sacrificed so much and are not given enough thanks on a constant basis.

You might not agree with any war that is happening now or in the future but you should never ever hold that against the men and women who are actually fighting it. They are doing what they are told by our government so if you have an issue, have it with those in power and not those that are on the front line.

I want to say thank you once again to all that have fought for our proud country. May God be with you at all times and if you are still fighting at this very moment may you come home safe and sound. Godspeed to you all and your families.

To cap off the month the wife and I will be attending a concert as even though it is baseball and movie season it is also live music season and I need to take care of my wife and her love of it.

The old school punk band Social Distortion is co headlining a festival/concert out in San Bernardino on Saturday the 30th and we will be in attendance.

We have seen them in concert before and as the cost to see them live has gone up in recent years we continue to look for bargains. One day we were looking for concerts in general and came across this one which is billed as a country show which we are both not really a fan of. Don't get me wrong there are some good songs and some good singers that I do follow but as a whole it is not our cup of tea. Well underneath the headline banner I/we noticed that Social D were also performing and at half the cost from previous shows we have seen. Well this was a no brainer and actually might be a real coup at that. Concerts at the Glen Helen amphitheater are packed which makes leaving a choir but since we probably won't be there for the last band/signer as it will be country we will be on the road right after Social D's set. So half the cost, great live music, less traffic and a happy wife. Yeah, that's a win everyday.

It's not even officially summer but the season is in full swing as these are just the highlights of the month with what I am sure will be joined by other spur of the moment adventures. Hiking, biking, eating at new places. These can not be planned for the most part so I am sure I/we will be busy for the whole month.

Don't know about you but I am looking forward to enjoying life and the outdoors this and upcoming sunny months. As always, God speed to you all and may your lives be full of fun and happiness as mine is.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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